We’ve Got You Covered – No Hidden Costs !

When you build a new fixed price turnkey home with Wisteria Homes we’ve got everything covered, Guaranteed !

If your thinking about signing up with another builder ask them what happens in these situations. Most builders will down tools and either tell you to pay or just stop until you fix the problem, how is that fair ?

  • Your land is registered but the water mains not connected so there’s no water available for building your home
    • If there’s no water available we will pay for temporary water hire so we can keep working on your home
  • ‘There’s no water meter installed on your land
    • We will organise and pay for your water meter to be connected
  • There’s no Electricity Meter
    • We will organise and pay for the electricity meter
  • Powers not connected on time
    • Generators will need to be hired so the builders can keep working
  • The subcontractors need power to build your house
    • We pay the cost of power used during construction
  • Unexpected Foundations, what if the founding material is different once you start excavating ?
    • Our fixed price homes include all foundation costs, no matter what the final cost is


  • Water Meter between $300 and $2000
  • Temporary Water tank from $600 up to $3500
  • Electricity meter between $400 and $600
  • Power during construction $400 to $600
  • Generator Hire from $300 to $2000
  • Unexpected foundations from $1000 to $10’000

That’s $ 3000 to $18700 potential extra costs or more !
So you can see that a lot of extra cost can come your way if your builder hasn’t included all of these in your contract !

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