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Waffle Pod Slab Systems

Let’s delve into the fascinating world of waffle pod slabs. 🏠🧱

Waffle Pod Slabs: A Modern Approach to Concrete Foundations

What Are Waffle Pod Slabs?

Waffle pod slabs, also known as waffle slab systems or waffle raft slabs, represent a contemporary and efficient method for constructing concrete slabs in residential and commercial buildings. These innovative systems combine reinforced concrete ribs with polystyrene void formers, creating a unique waffle like structure.

How Do Waffle Pod Slabs Work?

  1. Construction on the Ground:
    • Waffle pod slabs are built directly on the ground.
    • The system consists of a perimeter footing (edge beam) and a series of narrow internal beams (strip footings) spaced at 1.2 meter nominal centers throughout the slab.
    • Polystyrene Pods create the formed voids between the strip footings, resembling a waffle when viewed from underneath.
  2. Strength Through Varying Heights:
    • The strength of waffle slabs lies in their varying height above the ground.
    • Deeper concrete beams are achieved by elevating the slab above ground.
    • Greater stiffness results from these deeper beams, enhancing the slab’s ability to resist ground movement.
  3. Compliance with Standards:
    • In Australia, waffle slabs are engineer designed according to AS2870, the Australian Standard for Residential Slabs and Footings.
    • Professional engineers, often registered as RPEQs (registered professional engineers in Queensland), typically design and specify footing and slab systems.


  1. Site Drainage:
    • Proper site drainage is crucial for waffle slabs and you should ask your builder for help if you want them to finish the drainage and landscaping for you.
  2. Height Above Ground:
    • Upon completion, waffle slabs sit about 300mm too 400mm higher than the surrounding ground pad level.
    • Builders can adjust the ground level around the slab to reduce this height difference.

Waffle pod slabs continue to shape modern construction practices and are a well designed and affordable alternative to Conventional Slabs that rely on heavy concrete footings. 🏗️🔍

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