Our Steps

This is our tried & true formula to avoid, “Project Blowout” and “Quote Shock”.

Following our steps will guide you through the design and costing process so that you will be extremely confident with the final cost of your home and that all of your inclusions are budgeted for with no unexpected surprises along the way.

1 – Building Roadmap

Lets make plans ! Our Roadmap visit is a chance to talk about your new home on site so we can walk the land with you in “real life” and talk about how your new home fits onto the land and what options you have.

During our one hour site visit we will listen to your ideas and identify special problems that concern you. We’ll Provide you with high level options as well as our expert opinion of what can be achieved.

We’ll talk about how the building process works and answer all of your questions.
Our Post-site visit action plan provides to you with options and site notes.

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2 – Pins & Dreams

Don’t worry, we know you have thousands of P interest images saved. We understand that you’ve got a lot of ideas, some your firm on, others still need time to coalesce.

The first step of Pins & Dreams is where we ask for your ideas, those personal ideas you know will work and those ideas your not sure how to make work.

We’ll listen to you and we will fall in love with every image that you have saved and hope to see incorporated into your new home.

3 – Site Investigations

There’s a few things that we need to know about your land before we can proceed with full plans and building contracts.

Survey – so that we can establish the slope of the land and boundary peg locations, plus the location of any services such as power, water, sewer and storm water.
Soil Test – It’s important to know the reactivity of your soil and of there’s rock within the expected sit cut or founding depth.

We may also need to confirm the design wind speed and any slope stability issues if your building on a steep site.

If your land is subject to a BAL due to Bush fire or Noise Level Requirements we will discuss with you whether we need further design.

If your building on acreage we may also need to do a percolation test for the design of your domestic treatment plant.

4 – Preliminary Plans

The preliminary concept plans stage lets you start to envisage your new home well before construction plans are finalised.
We can explore layout & elevation options and try things on for size.

The main benefit of a concept plan is it allows more changes to be made with less cost. A preliminary budget estimate can be done from a concept plan which gives you a price guide for your new home before you commit to final working drawings & full engineering package.

Preliminary plans allow us to progress with colour studio, so your not losing any time.

5 – Colour Studio

You’ll love our colour studio.
Our professional colour consultants will work with you to make sure that your new home reflects the colours and building materials that you like to compliment your chosen home design.

Colour studio is collaborative space where you can explore your ideas with a professional to help inspire you. You’ll have fun and love the feeling of confidence.

6 – Artists Impressions

Our clients always love our coloured artists impressions.
This is where you really start to see your dreams start to come to life.

Artists impressions are a great too for tweaking colours & materials.

There’s the option for your artists impressions to include the exterior of your home, plus the interior of your home as well as landscaping if desired.

7 – Preliminary Estimate

A preliminary budget estimate allows your home to be costed to confirm that your happy with your new home budget before you invest in full contract building plans and structural engineering.

8 – Plans & Specifications

Construction Plans & Building Specifications stage means that we can finish off your house plans ready to order the final engineering designs for your new home.

We will finalise the floor plans & elevations, site plan and sections. If we are preparing landscape plans we can finalise these as well.

You building material selections will be incorporated into the drawings. You Colour Studio Selections will be incorporated into the project specifications for your house.

9 – Engineering

The Foundations for your home will be designed by our engineers using the soil tests that we have done previously.

Other structural elements and designs will be completed such as wall bracing, structural steel, structural timber framing.

10 – Final Costing

We carefully cost all of the labour and materials required to complete your new home, where required we seek quotes from our regular suppliers and contractors so that the final price is current.

11 – Building Contracts

Our New Home Building Contracts include the actual contracts themselves, plus final copies of all the documentation for building your new home.

  • Building Contracts
  • Detailed Plans
  • Specifications
  • Colour Selections
  • Site Survey
  • Engineering
  • Plus any other necessary documents

Our paperless office lets you sign your contracts digitally.
You can download a pdf copy & print or email.

Is The Cost Included ?

Yes, the cost of each stage listed above is included in your house building contract price and is NOT extra cost.

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