Its important to understand who your building with and to see if your builder cares about helping people to own their own home. Whoever your talking to about building there’s a lot of questions you should be asking about how they run their building business and how they treat their customers before you pay a deposit or sign a contract.

Our Fixed Price House and Land Packages include everything, no surprises, nothing extra to pay, just your new home ready to move into. See whats included here INCLUSIONS.

Wisteria Homes pricing is transparent and freely available on our website.  You can search for House and Land Packages HERE or Standard Homes HERE

Most builders require you to pay a deposit before they will write up the contracts for your new home, even on fixed price house and land packages. Often this is an excuse to add extra site costs.  At Wisteria Homes we include all costs associated with the build of your new Turnkey Home.  When your ready to go ahead with your new Turnkey Package we will write up your new home contract for no deposit. CONTACT US to start building.

At Wisteria Homes you talk directly with your builder. Your not dealing with a salesman who is hungry for their commission. From the Quote to the Contracts and also Supervision during construction Your Builder looks after everything and is always available for a quick chat or phone call.

Our Construction scheduling is second to none, most of our lowset homes are built to full turnkey in about 3 months. We have all heard those horror stories of the volume builders taking twelve months to build normal homes and we can’t believe that they get away with it.  Every new home that we build has a construction schedule worked out before we start building, this way we know what materials and trades are needed and when. Your new home will be built on time and faster than expected. See “You Save Money” below for some of the implications.

There’s a few ways that Wisteria Homes can save you money. By building your home to the best time frame possible we save you both Rent and Interest on repayments.  As a builder we also buy at wholesale prices which saves you heaps over retail pricing. Also because everything is included with our turnkey packages you don’t have to borrow more money to finish off the fencing,  landscaping and driveway.

We start as soon as possible. We are usually on site as soon as everything’s approved with the bank and council.  We dont “rack and stack” homes waiting for trades or more houses in your area. It just makes sense to start building as soon as possible

There’s nothing worse than realising at handover that there’s still a lot of work to do. That’s why most of our client choose a full turnkey package. There’s nothing left to do, just move in !

When we say fixed price turnkey homes we really mean Fixed Price.  If your talking to other builders and they tell you its a fixed price contract ask them what they mean by fixed price, you might find that the price they are quoting you is subject to site investigations, foundation costs or subject to you paying a deposit, or maybe the price is fixed, but they left a bunch of things out. Remember, if you have to pay something before they will fix the price, its probably not fixed.

As you know our Fixed Price Turnkey Homes include all costs associated with building your new home. I am constantly amazed at what other builders leave out of their prices. Here’s some of the things we have heard about: Foundation Costs, Site Costs, Silt Containment, Spoil Removal, Half the Cost of Fencing, Driveway too small, Turf to Front yard Only, Stormwater Gullies, Temporary Fencing, Water Meter, Electricity Meter, Power Costs During Construction, Council Fees, Plumbing Fees, Energy Efficiency and Insulation Costs, Flyscreens or Security Screens, Towel Rails and Toilet Roll Holders, When they can actually start, Facade Costs, the list goes on !

The best thing to ask any builders who’s quoting for you is Whats Excluded !

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