Low Deposit Homes

It’s still possible buy a property with a low deposit at all. Most lenders will require a minimum of 5% genuine savings.  If you dont have 5% saved theres a few other options.

  • Put the First Home Owners Grant towards your deposit.
  • Ask a parent to go Guarantor
  • Tax Refund or Cash Gift

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I am a First Home BuyerI am NOT a First Home Buyer

First Home Owners are Eligible for State Government Grants
First Home Owners usually pay no stamp duty

Ask us about our Building Bonus for those not eligible for the first home owners grant when you buy direct from the builder

I am currently renting

I have been renting for longer than 6 monthsI have been renting for less than 6 months

Use the First Home Owners GrantSome funds available

These funds can be money in the bank, cash from selling things no longer needed, a gift, or a parent or friend can go guarantor

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A Single PersonA Couple


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