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House Setbacks

Traditional House Setbacks

The traditional house setbacks that were enforced when most land developed for building in Australia was 1000m2.

  • Front Setback 6000 OMP
  • Side Setback Single Storey 1500 OMP
  • Side Setback Two Storey 2500 OMP
  • The Rear boundary was the same as the side boundary requirement in most cases
  • Zero setback required for non habitable rooms such as garages

Covenant House Setbacks

The covenant house setback requirements for each development will be different.
The garage setback will sometimes be reduced to 5000
The house front setback will sometimes be reduced to 3000
The house side and rear setback will sometimes be reduced to 900
The Garage setback will sometimes be zero
Sometimes the house setback will be to the outermost projection and sometimes it will be the house wall
In all cases the house must be designed to suit the available setbacks.

QDC House Setbacks

The QDC Covers the house setback requirements for all land developments in Queensland.
The QDC allows for much small land that traditional house setback requirements.
If your doing a KDRB or building between existing houses then the QDC will cover those requirements.

You can read more on the Queensland Development Code HERE

How do I know what to do about my House Setback

Your builder will know the correct requirements.
Your home will be designed to best suit the available requirements.

What about House Setback Relaxation

Yes you can apply for a relaxation with you council if required.
Some situations the relaxation will be approved, the process itself is usually straight forward.


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