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Bored Concrete Piers vs. Screw Piers: A Comparative Analysis

Foundation Piers, when it comes to laying the foundation for your building, choosing the right support system is crucial. Let’s explore the differences between bored concrete piers and screw piers, both commonly used methods in construction.

1. Bored Concrete Piers


  • Bored concrete piers involve drilling a hole into the ground and pouring concrete into the hole.
  • Depending on the depth the bored piers may have reinforcement steel
  • The piers provide support for the foundation of your construction.


  1. Better Performance in Deep Sand:
    • Bored concrete piers excel in areas with deep sand, such as coastal regions.
    • Their performance often surpasses that of screw piles in sandy conditions.
  2. Less Noise and Fewer Vibrations:
    • Concrete piers cause minimal noise and vibrations during installation.
    • Considerate builders prioritise community well being by minimizing disturbances.

2. Screw Piers or Helical Piles


  • Screw piles are long steel anchoring systems used for deep foundations.
  • Instead of boring holes and pouring concrete, screw piles are drilled directly into the ground to support the foundation.


  1. No Spoil Removal:
    • Unlike bored piers, screw piles leave no leftover spoil to remove.
  2. Eco-Friendly:
    • Screw piles disturb the soil less than bored piers.
    • Environmentally conscious choice for foundation support.
  3. Cost-Effective:
    • Easy installation and no spoil removal characteristics make screw piles cost effective where very deep piers are required.

Comparison Table:


AspectBored Concrete PiersScrew Piers (Helical Piles)
Installation ProcessBoring, steel reinforcement, concrete pourDrilling steel screws directly into the ground
Soil ConsiderationsCost effective for normal cut and fill sitesCost effective for deeper fill sites
Noise and VibrationsLess noise, fewer vibrationsMinimal noise and vibrations
Spoil RemovalRequires soil removalNo spoil left behind
Environmental ImpactStandardEco-friendly
Cost EfficiencyModerateCost-effective

The choice between bored concrete piers and screw piers depends on your specific project requirements.
Your builder will work with their engineer to ensure a solid and reliable foundation for your building. 🏗️💡

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