Swimming Pools

Let’s explore some swimming pool design ideas to inspire your backyard oasis:

  1. Embrace Tropical Appeal:
    • A historic home restored with a pool house and lush tropical landscaping creates an island retreat.
    • Consider using tropical plants and natural materials for a relaxing vibe.
  2. Test Out Desert Hardscaping:
    • A rectangular pool surrounded by desert-inspired landscaping, including giant concrete balls, adds a unique touch.
    • Explore native plants and minimalistic design for a modern look.
  3. Think Eco-Friendly:
    • A pool house roof covered in grasses, sedges, and wildflowers native to the region creates an organic feel.
    • Use sustainable materials and consider natural elements like grass roofs.
  4. Build a Pool Patio:
    • Separate lounge and dining areas adjacent to the pool create functional spaces for relaxation and outdoor dining.
    • Choose durable materials for the patio to withstand poolside traffic.
  5. Take Views Into Consideration:
    • Overlooking a river, a lap pool with Connecticut stone decking provides a stunning view.
    • Opt for materials that complement the surroundings.
  6. Add a Waterfall Feature:
    • Modern waterfall features enhance pool aesthetics and invite relaxation.
    • Combine water features with comfortable seating for a serene experience.
  7. Stick with Open and Airy:
    • A pool with a natural pebble finish reflects the sky, surrounded by cement pavers for barefoot comfort.
    • Prioritize safety and aesthetics when choosing pool decking.

Remember to tailor your pool design to your preferences, climate, and available space. Happy pool planning! 🏊‍♂️🌴