Building Over Sewer Brisbane

Building Over Sewer Brisbane: A Guide by Queensland Urban Utilities

Building Over Sewer Brisbane ?

While constructing a new building or making significant alterations to an existing structure can be a complex process, especially near essential services like water and sewerage infrastructure, Brisbane residents can find clear guidance from Queensland Urban Utilities (QUU).

Understanding the Importance of Compliance

Before commencing any building or construction works, obtaining approval from QUU is crucial. This ensures the protection of the sewer network from damage and maintains accessibility for inspection and maintenance activities.

Build Over Sewer Types of Applications

QUU offers two application types based on the nature of the works:

  1. Build Over Assets (BOA): This application is necessary for assessable building works such as the construction of a new dwelling or a retaining wall higher than 1.5 meters.
  2. Construction Over Assets: This application covers operational works not defined as assessable building works, like stormwater pipework or road construction.

Criteria for Building Works

The Queensland Development Code (QDC) MP 1.4 outlines specific criteria for building over or near relevant infrastructure. For instance, Class 1 or 10 buildings must ensure that all loads created by the building works are at least 300mm below the bottom of all water or sewerage infrastructure. Additionally, the completed structure should be located at least 3m horizontally clear from the centerline of the infrastructure1.

The Role of Private Building Certifiers

Private building certifiers play a vital role in ensuring compliance with QDC MP1.4. They are responsible for submitting a Form 32 (Compliance Advice) when the proposed building works comply with the acceptable solutions offered by QUU. It’s important to note that non-compliant building works may need to be demolished to enable access for maintenance and repair to QUU’s infrastructure2.

Investing in the Future

QUU is committed to upgrading and maintaining Brisbane’s essential wastewater network. 

Recent projects include a $45 million investment to cater to the growing population’s needs and a $130 million upgrade for Brisbane’s century-old sewer pipe, showcasing the utility’s dedication to providing reliable services34.

Build Over Sewer Conclusion

Building over or near sewer pipes requires careful planning and adherence to the guidelines set by QUU.

Following the proper procedures and obtaining the necessary approvals help developers and homeowners guarantee their construction projects are safe, compliant, and avoid disrupting essential sewer services.

This article has explored Brisbane’s sewer pipe construction requirements, as outlined by Queensland Urban Utilities (QUU). If you’re planning a project, consult directly with QUU for the latest information and guidance.

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Building Over Sewer Brisbane

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