Quality Home Builder

Quality Home Builder, Wisteria Homes is a reliable local New Home Building Service.

Quality Home Builder Wisteria Homes

At Wisteria Homes our design team help you design the best home to suit your lifestyle, budget and land.

We answer all of your questions and we are happy to take the time to talk about the building process.
We aim to deliver your dream home, maximising your land’s potential.

Your Quality Home Builder, Allow us to help you achieve your dream home journey.

New Homes Designed for You

We build from your plans or work with you to design your new home to suit your land and budget.

QBCC Licensed

Wisteria Homes holds a QBCC license and insurance for both home and pool building.

Bespoke Custom Designed Home Builder

Home Building Services

Building to Your Plans

If you have plans drawn by your Draftsperson, Building Designer or Architect email us a copy of your plans.

Custom New Homes

We specialise in Building Custom New Homes that are Bespoke One Off Designs.

Design & Build

Wisteria Homes’ Design Team collaborates with you to craft your dream home.

Renovations & Extensions

Your Major Renovations & Extensions are safe in our hands.

Reliable Local Builder

Quality Home Builder, Wisteria Homes builds bespoke luxury living spaces, specializing in custom homes. Wisteria Homes specialise in crafting homes that not only meet the unique needs and aesthetic preferences of our clients. Moreover also integrate seamlessly with the surrounding environment.

We personalize, prioritize quality, and build efficiently – that’s our home building approach. Wisteria Homes offers custom design and expert construction management, all under one roof. This ensures that the process of creating a dream home is a seamless and enjoyable experience for our clients.

Wisteria Homes’ comprehensive QBCC licensing and insurance ensures peace of mind for homeowners. Our dedication to quality craftsmanship in Brisbane renovations and new builds makes us a trusted choice.

New Construction Code

NCC compliance guarantees your Brisbane home meets safety, health, accessibility, and sustainability standards.

This performance-based code sets the benchmark for various aspects like structural integrity, fire resistance, plumbing, and energy efficiency. Complying with NCC is mandatory for all new buildings and renovations, it guarantees a comfortable, safe, environmentally responsible living space.

Energy Efficient Design

Wisteria Homes’ design team employs sustainable building practices. Prioritising energy efficiency, their homes surpass the latest NCC requirements, ensuring a comfortable and eco-friendly living space.

Our designers incorporate innovative features like strategically placed windows to optimise natural light and ventilation.

By prioritizing energy efficiency, Wisteria Homes ensures lower utility bills for homeowners and a reduced environmental impact, making their new homes truly future-proof.

FAQ table highlighting the reasons to choose Quality Home Builder Wisteria Homes for building in Brisbane:

Why should I choose Wisteria Homes?Wisteria Homes offers a customised approach to home building, ensuring that your home is tailored to your unique needs and preferences.
What makes Wisteria Homes reliable?Fully licensed and insured, providing peace of mind throughout the construction process.
How does Wisteria Homes ensure quality?Over 25 years of experience, we prioritise quality craftsmanship and use high-quality materials.
Can I be involved in the design process?Yes, Wisteria Homes encourages client involvement in every step, from initial design to final touches.
Are there cost-effective options available?Offering cost-effective solutions that match your budget without compromising on quality2.
What about energy efficiency?Wisteria Homes incorporates the latest energy-efficient technologies for long-term savings.
Will my home have a high resale value?Custom homes often have a higher resale value due to their unique features and quality construction.
New Construction CodeWisteria Homes designs and builds all new homes in full compliance with the NCC.
Wisteria Homes Reliable Local Quality Home Builder


Matt & Darcie

My partner and I have had a wonderful experience building our first home through Wisteria Homes, Jeff has made the whole process from the very beginning so easy and enjoyable. We feel strongly that a lot of care and attention to detail has been put into the build of our first home and this is what makes Wisteria Homes and Jeff in particular stand out for us. We have had no delays or setbacks, and any changes we made were dealt with straight away. Jeff has gone above and beyond!
The outcome of our house is absolutely beautiful, we couldn’t be happier! We would love to thank the whole Wisteria Homes team.

David & Yvonne

We would like to acknowledge and say a big thanks to Wisteria homes for our new home build, we absolutely love it & so happy with the whole process & our end product, we would gladly recommend Wisteria Homes to anyone who are looking for an honest builder,hassle free process & awesome finishes. David & Yvonne

Saiyad & Farzana

Thanks so much Jeff . We are very much in love with the house, it came up good in white. I am proud to tell people that Wisteria Homes built my house. They all just love it. Saiyad & Farzana.

Sam & Branko

Having researched and met with 3 other builders prior to using Wisteria Homes I can truly say with hand on heart we made the right choice. Such a massive THANK YOU for making our dreams come true.

We were recommended to Jeff by a friend who had actually worked a long side Jeff on other new builds. We made an appointment for a consultation and he arrived at our home on time, he was prepared to answer any question openly and was willing to listen to our needs. Since we had decided to design the house we required ourselves and not go for a standard plan, I gave him a make shift paper plan of what I would like, Jeff took my artwork home and brought back a drawn up plan of the house.

From the seconded meeting with Jeff we discussed what my requirements were and how realistic our aims were to achieve, Jeff was amazing he was supportive and gave us his honest opinion and expertise advice, he also took the time to explain in detail a step by step account of how the house build would proceed. Even when we discussed exactly what fixture and fitting I required he was open and allowed me the freedom to choose something completely away from his standard fittings. 

Once the build began, Jeff was constantly providing us with updates and he would advise us of what stage the build was at and often invited us to come and see the progress, if we were unavailable at that stage he would email us pictures, Jeff’s constant in touch approach is first class. Another positive to Jeff is that he always takes your calls and will return calls without hesitation.

The tradesmen that Jeff uses are also of high standard they turned up on time and worked hard, our house was always on target from the minute they started the build, we literally had no delays. We have been lucky enough to have been to have built our dream house without any drama’s it was a constant smooth process with a continuous first class, professional and prompt service which we would highly recommend to anyone who is considering building, use Wisteria Homes they are truly amazing and the cost of a house build may surprise you as they are very reasonable without compromise on quality.
We are very happy to talk to any potential clients to give you our first hand experience of Wisteria Homes.

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Contact Us for more detailed information. Wisteria Homes is dedicated to creating homes that are not only beautiful but also functional and adaptable for future needs.

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